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Shri Nakodaji Tirth (3km from VVCR): Nakoda ji is one of the famous Jain temple of India.This sacred tirtha is at a distance of 13 kms from Balotara Railway station and 1 km from Mewad city. It is situated in the forest in the hills. In this tirtha with a charming natural atmosphere all-around, we have an idol of Mulnayaka Shri Parshvanath Bhagavan. It is black in complexion, 58 cms in height and in Padmasana posture. The idols is extremely charming and miraculous. The miracles of the presiding deity of this spot, Shri Bhairavaji Maharaj are well-known. We have a reference which states that the ancient name of Nakoda was Virampur. It is said that in the third century before the Vikrama era, two brothers, Shri Virasen and Shri Nakoresen raised two villages Virampur and Nakorenagar at a distance of twenty miles. They also get constructed two temples of Shri Chandraprabhu Bhagavan and Shri Suparshva Bhagavan.


Mata Rani Bhatiani Temple (3km from VVCR): Rani Bhatiyani's temple is located in Jasol where devotees from various castes and clans come to seek the divine blessings of "Maajisa"..... Especially the devotees come in hoards onthe 13th and 14 th day of lunar calender which is considered to be auspicious day of Mata Rani. The major attraction of the town today is the Tour this very ancient temple city to view the magnificent Rani Bhatiani temple. Rani Bhatiani Temple is build from materials brought from Khed which originally belonged to a Jain temple devoted to Mahaveer, their 24th and last prophet. The temple also houses some intricately carved sculptures brought from Khed.


Braham Dham Temple-Asotra (14km from VVCR):Lord Brahma is the prominent lord god of the Hindu triad. The other two are Vishnu and Mahesh. Brahma is the lord of creation. There is one temple of Brahma at Pushkar. The other is here. The yellow (golden stone) of Jaisalmer has been used in the construction of main entrance hall. The rest of the temple is made of Jodhpur Stone (Chhitar Stone). The idol of Shri Brahma ji is made of Marble. The carving work however is unique. The foundation of the temple was laid on 20th April 1961 but the deity was enthroned on 6th May 1984.The place has now developed as a major tourist attraction of the region pulling thousands of tourists and devotees each year. Every year on 5th day of the bright half of Vaisakh month (May) the Pran-Prathishta ceremony is commemorated. On the next day, the death anniversary of Sant Kheteshwar ji Maharaj (the founder of the temple) is observed. Other major festivals celebrated here are - Mahashivratri and Guru Poornima.


Khed Temple (13km from VVCR): Ranchorrai Mandir: another place near Balotra situated on the banks of River Luni is known for its four temples. The most beautiful of them is the Ranchor Rai Mandir. At the gate is an image of Garuda (an eagle which is Lord Vishnu's carrier). The Hindu temple was in a very decrepit condition a few years ago but extensive repairs have been carried out lately and it has been modernised. Other smaller temples in Khed are dedicated to the other two Hindu gods making up the Hindu holy trinity, Shiva the Destroyer and Brahma the Creator.


Bithuja Temple (13km from VVCR): Bithuja Temple place near Balotra situated on the banks of River Luni.Bithuja Temple belong's to local God called Baba Ramdev ji that's why many people believe in this temple. there is a big fair in bhadra pad. Befor going to Runicha People belive that they first goto Bithuja's temple

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